Hamlet Goes Business (1987) Online Streaming

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Hamlet Goes Business

Hamlet Goes Business

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Storyline Hamlet Goes Business

A bizarre black-and-white film noir reworking of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

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Movie details Hamlet Goes Business

Release :1987-08-21
Genre :Comedy, Drama
Runtime : 86
Company :

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Although I still have fresh memories of my brother the elder Hamlet’s death, and though it was proper to mourn him …
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Enter Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus. Hamlet. The air bites shrewdly; it is very cold. Horatio. It is a nipping and an eager air. Hamlet. What hour now?
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Flourish. [Enter Claudius, King of Denmark, Gertrude the Queen, Hamlet, Polonius, Laertes and his sister Ophelia, [Voltemand, Cornelius,] Lords Attendant.

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